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Article: Why Your Smok Priv Turbo Vape Isn't Hitting?

Why Your Smok Priv Turbo Vape Isn't Hitting?
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Why Your Smok Priv Turbo Vape Isn't Hitting?

The Smok Priv BarTurbo Vape is renowned for its exceptional performance and sleek design, boasting impressive features such as 15000 puffs, a generous 16ml e-liquid capacity, and a rechargeable 800mAh battery lasting 6-7 hours. However, encountering issues where the device fails to produce vapor, commonly known as "not hitting," can be frustrating. This comprehensive guide aims to address potential reasons why your Smok Priv Bar Turbo Vape may not be hitting and offers practical solutions to resolve the issue, ensuring uninterrupted vaping pleasure.

1. Battery Check

  • Inspecting Battery Life: Begin by checking the battery life of your Smok Priv Bar Turbo Vape. A depleted battery can result in insufficient power to heat the coil and produce vapor. Ensure the battery is adequately charged before troubleshooting further.
  • Battery Connection: Verify that the battery is securely connected to the device. Loose connections can disrupt the flow of power and prevent the device from functioning properly. Clean the battery contacts and reattach firmly to ensure a stable connection.

2. Coil Examination

  • Coil Integrity: Inspect the coil of your Smok Priv  BarTurbo Vape for signs of damage or wear. A worn-out coil may struggle to generate sufficient heat to vaporize the e-liquid effectively. Replace the coil if it appears worn, damaged, or has been in use for an extended period.
  • Coil Priming: Properly priming the coil before use is crucial to ensure optimal performance. If the coil is not adequately saturated with e-liquid, it may fail to produce vapor. Follow manufacturer instructions for priming the coil thoroughly before vaping.

3. E-Liquid Levels

  • E-Liquid Verification: Check the e-liquid levels in your Smok Priv Bar Turbo Vape's tank. Insufficient e-liquid can lead to dry hits, where the coil burns without vaporizing the liquid. Refill the tank if necessary to ensure an adequate supply of e-liquid to the coil.
  • E-Liquid Consistency: Ensure the viscosity of the e-liquid is suitable for your device. Thick, high VG e-liquids may struggle to wick properly in some coils, resulting in poor vapor production. Consider using a thinner e-liquid or adjusting your vaping technique accordingly.

4. Airflow Adjustment

  • Airflow Settings: Evaluate the airflow settings of your Smok Priv Bar Turbo Vape. Restricted airflow can impede vapor production, leading to weak or nonexistent hits. Adjust the airflow control ring to allow for optimal airflow through the device.
  • Airflow Blockages: Inspect the airflow ports for any obstructions or blockages that may restrict airflow. Clean the airflow vents thoroughly to ensure unimpeded airflow, allowing for smooth vapor production.

5. Device Maintenance

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for the optimal performance of your Smok Priv Bar Turbo Vape. Clean the tank, coil, and device regularly to remove any accumulated residue or debris that may interfere with vapor production.
  • Check for Damage: Examine the device for any signs of damage or malfunction. Cracks, leaks, or other issues can disrupt the functionality of the device and affect vapor production. If you identify any damage, contact customer support for assistance.

6. Final Considerations

  • Vaping Technique: Evaluate your vaping technique to ensure you're using the device correctly. Proper inhalation technique, priming the coil, and allowing sufficient time for the coil to heat up can all contribute to a satisfying vaping experience.
  • Contact Support: If you've exhausted troubleshooting steps and your Smok Priv Bar Turbo Vape still isn't hitting, don't hesitate to contact Smok customer support or seek assistance from a knowledgeable vape professional. They can provide further guidance and assistance in resolving the issue.


Encountering issues with your Smok Priv Bar Turbo Vape not hitting can be frustrating, but with proper troubleshooting and maintenance, most issues can be resolved quickly. By following the steps outlined in this guide and taking proactive measures to maintain your device, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience with your Smok Priv Bar Turbo Vape.